The Story

Panouge, emblematic scents since 1947


Founded in 1947, under the name “Parfums Lavarenne – Paris” specialized in the production of essential oils. For thirty years, the company developed its own fragrances, perfumes, and Eau de Toilette. In 1984, the company underwent a significant change in status and name, and PANOUGE was born. This acronym stood for “Parfums Nouvelle Génération” (New Generation Perfumes) and represented the company’s aspirations to be recognized as a Maison de Parfums rather than just a perfumery company. With design products such as “Business Man”, “Unless,” and “Eau d’espace,” the company inspired several multinationals’ bestsellers that helped  to forge a prestigious brand reputation.


In 1998, Takasago, a brand that combines French and Japanese influences, gave birth to Masaki. This new fragrance line was born from the desire to create a perfume for a fashion show. It was such a success that a long-term collaboration with Panouge was established, cementing Masaki’s place in the world of perfumery till today.


In 1999, Panouge SAS acquired Isabey Perfumery with the goal of expanding its reach on a global scale. Their inaugural fragrance line, the Perle Collection, was meticulously crafted by hand in a grand mansion situated in a remote French village.


Panouge associated itself with the prestigious jewelry brand Poiray in 2008 in order to create jewel like perfume bottles.


In 2009, the Jacques Fath brand was relaunched by the Panouge group. The brand’s classic aesthetic was updated for modern audiences, incorporating contemporary trends and materials. The relaunch was a success, appealing to fragrance enthusiasts  aswell as more general perfume consumers. It demonstrated the enduring appeal of timeless style to capture the imagination of new generations.


After years of dormancy, the Panouge Paris brand was relaunched in 2014 with a rich history behind it. The aim of the relaunch was to create innovative lines of fragrances for the market. This led to the creation of two  lines of perfumes – Perle Rare and Matières Libres.