Private Labeling

We create fragrances for you

Manufactured in France

At Panouge Group, we bring your fragrance project to life by comprehending your brand’s requirements to ensure your customers receive the touch of luxury that they deserve. Our Private Labeling Team supports you throughout the entire process, from fragrance creation and testing to package design and bottling.

Private labeling Panouge group

75 years of experience…

Since 1947, we provide a savoir faire throughout all the stages of your project. Our expertise from creation to production will give your idea the best chance of success.

With Panouge Group’s Private Labeling Service, you have the opportunity to connect with major players in the industry.

The Project

After comprehending your universe, we’ll propose designs that mirror your brand.

The Packaging

We’ll then materialize the design with packaging and bottles that honor your vision.

The Fragrance

Our dedicated perfumers will offer you a range of scents until you discover the perfect one.

The Documents

We’ll handle all the necessary documentation for exporting and selling your brand-new fragrance.

The Production

In France, adhering to the highest quality standards, your product will finally come to life.

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