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L’Iris de Fath, the rebirth of a myth. Jacques Fath’s Iris Gris is known as one of the greatest perfumes if not the greatest, unequalled since its creation. Launched in 1947, it disappeared the same year as Jacques Fath in 1954. Often copied and certainly never equaled, it remains unique and timeless.

The new Fath Essentials


By Jean-Christophe Hérault

“Vetiver Gris finally assumes to be the famous missing link between the beautiful classic and rigorous perfumery and a more whimsical modernism. A perfume of today that perfectly knows where it comes from and what it owes to this house of inspiration that Jacques Fath is”. Lionel Palles

Isabey is an “arthouse” perfume Brand. Luxury, rarity, elegance and tradition with a contemporary touch are the quintessence of the niche and confidential House.

Its philosophy can be summed up as follow: “A perfume should be not so much an image or a concept, but rather a work of art, a creation of excellence with its own story to tell”.

The new Isabey: AVANT ET APRÈS


The fragrance, by Marie Schnirer:

“I wanted to interpret a Monoï accord and Orange blossom in an elegant style, a contrasted scent oscillating between contemporary opulence and freshness.

I was inspired by a walk along the seaside at dawn,the sensations of fresh wind caressing the face in the bright light of sunrise”


matières libres

Total freedom

With its minimalistic design and pastel tones, the Collection matières libres of panouge paris is conceived with the desire of Creative Director Rania Naim to confer total freedom of composition to the perfumers Marie Schnirer and Patrice Revillard . Following their inspiration, they have blended components without restraints nor limits.

The Collection matières libres  is the expression of multiple artistries, an adventure where perfume, painting, music and even movies are expressed.

Perle Rare

 A typically Parisian collection

A neo-classical design for a sophisticated clientele with a taste for noble materials outlining elegance with a hint of trendiness.

As each neighborhood in Paris has its identity, Perle Rare represent each one specifically, through a visual and olfactory print. The leather covering the bottles and coffret is a representation of the Parisian luxury codes, the shiny glass of the heavy bottle is an ode to the City of lights.


Since 1999, Panouge has orchestrated an exclusive collaboration between Japanese designer Masaki Matsushima’s vision and internationally French renowned perfumers.

Based on the obsession of cleanness and neatness, Shiro is a conceptual translation of a social aspect of the Japanese society. Masaki wanted in a way to address his fellow country women with their own obsessions and tell the rest of the world: this is how we are and this is the image we want to project.

Inspiration is sourced from his Japanese origin, where the sun holds
an essential place (in mythology, in Buddhism), It is also a symbol on
the national flag and in traditions with “Hatsuhinode “ festival of the
first sun of the year. Isn’t the “ Country of the Rising Sun” the other
name of Japan?

With Matsu Sunshine , the designer aims to transmit a positive message in these uncertain times


“The flower of yesterday is the dream of today”

Inspired by a poetic approach and a touch of philosophy, J-mat; embodies the dream while the white flower represents the young woman about to bloom. Connected to his culture and conceptual universe, Masaki is a different kind of influencer spreading a worldwide message: encourage young women to write their own stories on a blank page.

Marble, precious and luxurious is used for sculptures and long-
lasting constructions, as many Greek and Roman status. It has therefore inspired Masaki Matsushima who has explored the variations of marble for the new masculine line : mat; Stone. This distinctive fragrance resembles the man who wears it: confident in his style and choices, bold and smart.

Lively, revitalizing, turquoise blue, M;0°C is intended as an elegant and creative fragrance. The frozen bottle affirms a frozen woody-citrus fragrance. M Zero Degree Celsius is an  immersion in the magical universe of the poles, sources of life and enchantment.


“An infusion of Japanese soul in a fragrance.”

For this new men’s line, Masaki Matsushima was inspired by the specific modern urbanism of big cities in Japan, where architects combine raw concrete in a structured universe with a touch of Zen. Mat; homme is a reflection of these typical landscapes.

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