The Panouge Group

Emblematic Scents Since 1947



At Panouge Group, our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in our identity as a family business passed down through generations. With a profound view toward the future, we continually assess our processes and operations to understand their impact on the environment. This generational view serves as a driving force behind our sustainable efforts, compelling us to operate in a way that considers the world that future generations will inherit.

Sustainable Approach

Our brands are dedicated to infusing sustainability into every facet of our product creation, from inception to the end of a product’s life cycle. This commitment reflects our aspiration to embrace a more circular approach, ensuring that our impact on the environment is conscientious and enduring.

Reducing Single-Use Materials

We place a high priority on minimizing the use of single-use materials. In line with our sustainable goals, we have adopted the use of recyclable materials when possible without compromising the quality that defines our products.

Responsible Sourcing

Our brands actively collaborate with local producers, cultivating partnerships that supply our perfumers and flavorists with pure, natural, and sustainable ingredients. This commitment sets elevated quality standards, providing daily inspiration and delight to our customers while underscoring our responsibility to the environment.

Panouge Group is unwavering in its dedication to seeking new partnerships and adopting innovative processes to ensure the highest quality ingredients with a profound environmental focus. As part of these efforts, our most recent creations have incorporated a very specific kind of extract known as LMR.

Laboratoire Monique Remy (LMR) founded in Grasse, embodies the guiding principle of delivering premium 100% pure and natural extracts and upholds complete transparency, and a resolute commitment to environmental sustainability. For more details about LMR, click here.



At Panouge Group, a beacon of French heritage in the fragrance industry since 1947, we hold in high esteem the invaluable savoir-faire intrinsic to our legacy. To preserve this craftsmanship, we meticulously select local artisans and suppliers, embedding their expertise at the core of our organizational mission. Each product from all Panouge Group brands is assembled in France, paying homage to our foundational roots and the communities that foster our tradition.


Our workforce is at the heart of our success, and Panouge Group is steadfast in ensuring their well-being across all departments and throughout our supply chain. Internal mobility is actively encouraged, allowing every team member to embark on a journey of personal career-building and professional development within our organization.

Panouge Group embraces the principles of representation, and we are proud that the majority of our workforce is comprised of women at all levels of the organization, contributing to the array of perspectives that are at the heart of our success.



As a privately owned company, Panouge Group benefits from the flexibility to make decisions aligned with our long-term vision and values, enabling us to navigate the business landscape with strategic flexibility, a focus on sustainability, and a commitment to our unique identity. We have the ability to adapt to market trends and changes swiftly, responding to evolving consumer preferences and industry dynamics with a great sense of independence and flexibility rarely found in the industry.


Rooted in family values, our governance model emphasizes trust, integrity, and a shared commitment to the success and sustainability of our business. This means decisions are made with consideration for the impact on future generations, sustainability, and the enduring legacy of the company. It provides stability and continuity that aligns with the values ingrained in the family-rooted governance structure. Our approach creates a unique and enduring framework that guides decision-making and shapes the overall culture of the organization.

We foster an environment where governance is viewed as a constantly evolving journey. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability guides decision-making, ensuring alignment with our values and the ever-changing landscape of business and society.